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Kathryn Perry, MDiv, is an alumna of Regis College, Toronto. She is the author of The Courage To Dare: The Spirituality of Catherine Donnelly, Founder of the Sisters of Service (Novalis 2013).

The Power of a Poem

There is much to reflect on in this famous poem, engraved on the Statue of Liberty’s base. What a sober reminder of what once made America great. And what a stark contrast it sets up when one reflects on the … Continue reading

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Beyond the Fishbowl

In my forties, I attended university to study theology. I expected to take that study and extend it beyond the walls of the classrooms. I had big dreams. The broader world would be my laboratory. I would find new ways … Continue reading

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A Life Outlook for Times of Transition

A view of life centred on the goals of “safety and security” can be a fruitless path to death. The human race has not endured because it was safe from extinction. Quite the contrary! The human race has continued to exist because … Continue reading

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For the Canadian Catholic Church, Vatican is concerned about the wrong kind of diversity

I read the headline today concerning Pope Francis’ appointment of 15 new cardinals with a heavy heart. It read, “Pope names 15 new cardinals, aims to reflect church diversity.” (Associated Press, 4 January 2015). I thought to myself, “Surely, the … Continue reading

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A Poignant Image and a Time for Reflection

It has been a difficult week for Canadians who came face to face with an act of violence in Ottawa that was rife with symbolism. Walking out to my meditation garden this morning, I found that a maple leaf had … Continue reading

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Canadian Human Rights and the Vatican’s “Closed Door” Policy

This week in Canada marked the official opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg. The historical movement in Canada for equal rights for women and the end to discrimination based on gender is sure to be a … Continue reading

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New Wine and Old Wineskins

     Lately, I have begun asking myself if it just might be impossible for the Catholic Church to do away with its old wineskins, to use a metaphor from Scripture. The old wineskin I am referring to is the … Continue reading

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